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My Family Was Turning into a Feast for the Mosquitoes. Good Thing We Found This Fast-Acting, Super Effective Bug Zapper!

Mon May 24 2021

Written By Russel Martin | Smarter Choice

UPDATE: Due to overwhelming demand, Buzz B-Gone sold out 3 times last summer. Make sure you get one before it’s too late! To check stock CLICK HERE

My family recently moved away from the hectic city to enjoy a more relaxed life on a farm. This took a bit of getting used to, and I was prepared for most of that. But what I didn’t expect when we moved out here was that we would be constantly attacked by mosquitoes. They swarmed around us at night, and in the morning we’d all have these itchy, red spots on our skin.

My wife and I looked for the best mosquito repellents online, but found that most of these were filled with toxic chemicals or ingredients that our 4-year-old daughter was allergic to. I didn’t want my little girl to get bitten or suffer from allergies! So I asked my friends in the area if they had any tips or tricks for keeping the bugs away.

My Friend's Brilliant Advice

The next morning, I woke up to tons of replies to my question. But the one that stood out to me was this message from one friend who also has a farm nearby. Turns out he’d been using this new anti-mosquito lamp that attracted, trapped, and killed all sorts of bugs and mosquitoes without using any toxic chemicals.

Here’s what he told me:

“You should try Buzz B-Gone. Bugs swarm over it like crazy and then it zaps them. And there’s no smell at all, unlike those older mosquito lamps. No chemicals either. So easy to use. You just have to set it up on your deck or in a room and you’re good to go! let me know if you want a link to the site so I can send it over.”

So I ended up ordering a Buzz B-Gone and 3 days later, I was already trying it out.

It’s got this round design so it lures bugs from all angles, and you can put it in a corner of a room or right in the middle of your yard.

It’s got a rechargeable lithium battery, which is great because you can use it without hooking it up to an outlet. And it lasts for over 14 hours, which I think is impressive. Apparently, this battery also creates the UV frequency that bugs love.

I also noticed that Buzz B-Gone has a nice loop or handle so you can hang it on a hook or carry it easily. If you’re the outdoorsy type, this is so easy to bring on hikes and stuff.

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The Moment of Truth: Does Buzz B-Gone Work?

What happened next was brilliant. Within a matter of minutes, I could no longer see, hear, or feel any mosquitoes. I checked under the plants and in the corners where bugs would hang out. I even asked my wife and daughter if they sensed any pesky bugs. All we could hear was a quiet “zap” “zap” every time a mosquito would hit the Buzz B-Gone.

And just like that… my house was totally peaceful and bug-free.

Since that day two weeks ago, no one has gotten a single mosquito bite.

Sold Out Before Summer Ends

Later that night, I messaged my friend and told him that his recommendation was a hit, and he was excited about it, too. Turns out he knows one of the creators, and this guy told him that Buzz B-Gone was doing so great, they were selling out almost as soon as they stocked up! So if you’re reading this blog and want to try Buzz B-Gone yourself, I suggest grabbing one now. With more people spending time outdoors, I’m sure they’ll be sold out again soon.

A Camping Essential

For me, the real test of the Buzz B-Gone was if it was gonna work in the “real” outdoors. So one weekend, my brothers and I drove to Marshalls Creek, a beautiful but mosquito-filled spot (my wife didn’t want to risk bringing our daughter just yet). I took the Buzz B-Gone with us and set it a few yards away from our campsite so that the bugs would go there instead.

While my skeptical brothers put on some of that nasty mosquito lotion, I decided to put ALL my money on Buzz B-Gone. I went to sleep without any repellent, citronella candles, none of that. Just that Buzz B-Gone a few feet away.

Thanks to Buzz B-Gone, I slept like a baby. We all did. No swatting, no itching, no annoying buzzing. I woke up completely bite-free, and so did my brothers. And when I opened the Buzz B-Gone to clean it, it was completely filled with dead bugs and mosquitoes. It was kinda gross but really impressive!

Well, my brothers were soon asking me where I got the zapper. Honestly, I couldn’t help but gloat!

Here's What's Great About Buzz B-Gone

  • ✅ Works Instantly – Buzz B-Gone uses advanced UV technology to attract 5x more mosquitoes than any other device on the market. This proprietary tech is so effective, it can get rid of all the bugs within 600 square feet. That’s half a mile all around! Enough to cover your porch, deck, bedroom, garden, backyard, and campsite.
  • ✅ Chemical-Free – This anti-mosquito lamp doesn’t use any toxic, smelly chemicals that could irritate your nasal passages, give your child a rash, or endanger your pet. If you can’t stand those toxin-filled sprays, lotions, or mosquito coils, Buzz B-Gone is the way to go!
  • ✅ Zaps Bugs Quietly – Sick of those bug zappers that sound like a lightning clap every time a mosquito gets in? Buzz B-Gone works quietly in the background, making it perfect for bedrooms, offices, and even babies’ bedrooms.
  • ✅ Compact and Portable – Buzz B-Gone fits perfectly in any corner or surface of your room, and is light enough for any camping trip. And since it’s rechargeable, you don’t need to rely on an outlet to use it!
  • ✅ Portable and Compact – Buzz B-Gone fits perfectly in any corner or surface of your room, and is light enough for any camping trip. And since it’s rechargeable, you don’t need to rely on an outlet to use it!

Conclusion: It's a No-Brainer. Get Buzz B-Gone Today!

Bugs and mosquitoes aren’t just irritating — they can spread life-threatening diseases! Fortunately, you don’t need to worry about effectively eliminating all the bugs in your home anymore. Just set up a Buzz B-Gone and let the zapper take care of everything!

You can turn any room or outdoor area into a bug-free paradise in mere seconds! Buzz B-Gone works just as well in a bedroom as it does during your weekend barbecue or yearly camping trip.

Grab This Discount Now

If you took all of Buzz B-Gone’s features and looked for them on different items in the market, you’ll find gadgets that cost at least $150.

What’s even more shocking though is how much Buzz B-Gone is ready to invest in their first-time buyers. Right now, for a limited time only, you can get your very own Buzz B-Gone at 50% OFF – that’s only $39!

  • UPDATE: Since it launched, Buzz B-Gone has become so popular that they have decided to extend their 50% off discount for first-time buyers. They only ask that you tell your family and friends how much you love your Buzz B-Gone!

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