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We Dumped GoPro & Chose SNAPSHOT for Its Jaw-dropping 4K Ultra HDR Footage... and Because It's 5X Cheaper!


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Oct 14, 2023, Dave F.

I remember the day I purchased my first GoPro. I walked out of BestBuy excited… yet feeling guilty that I just spent almost $500 on the camera, memory & accessories.

I also remember 2 years later as I sadly watched our GoPro and all accessories float away in the Colorado River rapids. OUCH!!

As heartbroken as I was, I had some comfort knowing that we captured some really exciting vacations with our GoPro and my purchase was well worth it.

We knew we needed to buy a replacement camera, but we couldn’t afford to spend another $500 on a GoPro. We needed something more affordable.

See, while our friends like to travel to fancy beaches, we prefer a real adventure. From driving down dirt roads to see an active volcano, swimming with sea turtles, white water rafting in Colorado, skateboarding in Venice Beach… or just proposing to my wife at the top of a mountian and then zip-lining to the base (very true story)… we’re never shy of an outdoor adventure and we want it all captured!!

“While we like to jump out of things… we don’t just jump into things.”

Having an Action Camera, like the GoPro, became an absolute necessity for us. After shopping around, reading dozens of reviews, doing our homework and learning about 4K Video, FPS Frame Rates, Stabilization, Ultra HDR… we came to the realization that there are alternative cameras which are better, stronger, and much more affordable.

We found that less and less adventurists like ourselves were buying the GoPro, because the alternative cameras have the same high-quality performance, but cost 5X times less. We made the easy decision to dump GoPro and order the SNAPSHOT 4K Camera.

“This 4K action cam is a great GoPro alternative for 5 times cheaper”

This is the camera that everyone keeps talking about! Whether you’re an aspiring travel blogger or extreme sports fanatic, you’re going to want a quality action cam to record your adventures. Our SNAPSHOT 4K Camera packs quite a punch and serves as a fantastic sports camera. The camera itself feels extremely sturdily built.

The quality of the 4K Ultra HD video and audio is completely breathtaking and you can’t help but be impressed. Ohh, and this thing boots FAST! It’s turned on and recording in a split second.

Whoah! Okay, this is impressive!

The images and action shots we get with the SNAPSHOT 4K Camera itself are definitely 4K! It’s sharp, clear and looks FANTASTIC. We are totally thrilled that we’re getting much better pictures than we got with, the GoPro… ShmoPro.

The SNAPSHOT 4K Camera can capture everything from kayaking in freezing temperatures with breathtaking panoramas in stunning detail. It also gives us peace of mind that we don’t have to ever worry about water damage to the lense or breaking it. This thing is build solid as a brick… which is very impressive, especially for price.

We've been using our SNAPSHOT 4K Camera for 2 years!

If you’re the kind of person who plays any type of sports or outdoor activity, you’ve probably considered buying an Action Camera.

Even if you don’t like outdoor sports and would rather spend your time at a resort relaxing or playing golf, an action camera is perfect to take with you. You’ll get that unique action perspective that can never be captured or replicated with a cell phone or traditional cameras. We see that there’s a limited time 50% OFF Special Offer!

“After spending almost 2 years with the SNAPSHOT 4K Camera, I don’t miss my old expensive GoPro… at all.”

I am happy and proud to share our SNAPSHOT 4K Camera photos and footage. We love them.

If you’re asking yourself “Should I get a GoPro?”… 2 years ago, my answer would have been “ABSOLUTELY!”. But if you ask me again today, my answer will be “ABSOLUTELY NOT! Save your money and get an SNAPSHOT 4K Camera“.

“With Ultra HD 4K, it has even higher resolution than my old GoPro, so our images are much sharper”

Having the Ultra HD 4K resolution is now a must-have for any camera. The last thing you want is to have epic footage snorkeling with sea turtles, only to find out that the video quality is so poor that the footage is barely visible.

"Yes, it fits all GoPro accessories, so I can jump into a pool, or dive off a cliff with confidence!"

When we lost our GoPro and the accessories in the Colorado River rapids, we were crushed. One of the best things about the GoPro was the accessories. We really loved the Headcam attachment and the Handle Bar attachment.

When we decided to purchase the SNAPSHOT 4K Camera, we were extremely excited to learn that it’s 100% compatible with GoPro accessories, unlike many other action cameras.

One of the greatest things about the SNAPSHOT is that you can put it in the waterproof case and scubadive pretty deep underwater.

“I knew exactly what I was looking for and the SNAPSHOT 4K had it all, plus more!”

We just purchased another SNAPSHOT!

That’s right. We’re the proud owners of two SNAPSHOT 4K Camera. We both wanted to have our own camera and using a cell phone just didn’t cut it.

Sure, your phone is great for casual snaps, but we both wanted the same quality video and photos from the SNAPSHOT.

The new SNAPSHOT 4K we just purchased has everything we wanted, plus more, at the same low cost. It came with everything we needed right out of the box, including a big, powerful battery for long lasting, all day footage.

The new SNAPSHOT has an updated waterproof shell, which we like more than the GoPro shell. No more worrying about saltwater or sand. The new shell also clips securely on my helmet or anywhere I want.

It’s so compact, we keep the new camera mounted behind our rear-view mirror.

We also noticed that the new SNAPSHOT 4K Camera has new features to allow us to upload directly to our social media and built in WiFi, so we don’t even need a laptop to post our photos to our Facebook, YouTube, or Instagram.

“I knew exactly what I was looking for and the SNAPSHOT 4K had it all, plus more!”

The Conclusion... "Just do it!"

The new camera was such a steal. We purchased it directly from SNAPSHOT and it didn’t require me to make another costly visit to BestBuy and waste hundreds of dollars on new accessories and memory. It came with everything we needed and there’s a limited time 50% OFF Special Offer!

Last time I checked they were running low on stock with the summer coming. I would check here and see if they still have any available. If they do, I strongly suggest getting one for yourself! Anybody else love their SNAPSHOT as much as us? Please let us know in the comments below.

#1 Voted 4K Action Camera of 2023

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