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About CustomerChoice.net

Customer Choice is the leading source of technology news, information, and resources for travelers. Our writers traverse the globe, smartphones in hand and luggage in tow, providing real-world accounts of the gear they use and the challenges they face.

Our readers look to us for honest reviews and strong opinions, finding the best (and the worst) among thousands of travel apps, gadgets, and websites clamoring for attention. We know the issues that travelers face, since we deal with them ourselves every day, and advise how technology can help resolve them.

Founded in 2020, Customer Choice has grown rapidly. Featured in major newspapers, magazines, podcasts, and dozens of tech and travel websites, we now have hundreds of thousands of readers each month and a global team of contributors who cover every aspect of travel tech.

We are technology for travelers.

User Base

Our readers are central to our brand


We believe that the Outdoor Industry has a special role to play in the arenas of sustainability and conservation

How we write

We write all our guides (and do all the associated research) ourselves, so we spend the equivalent of a full time job in hours each month working on the site

How we earn

We don’t run ads on Noob Norm, as like you we find them super annoying, but we do earn a commission (generally around 5%) when you buy a product through one of our links

Why trust us

Note that we’ll only get that commission if you’re happy with the product. If you choose to return it, we get nothing.


Every time we recommend a product it’s because we truly believe it is the best. That’s our promise to you.

Affiliate Disclosure: 

Customer Choice is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising & linking to Amazon.com.

The Goal: 

The idea of “Go Beyond” is proposed as a stepping-stone to plunge us into the exciting world of sport and outdoor recreational gear.

The Founder: 

Customer Choice was founded by Thomas David and Molly Wu, two sports, tech, and outdoor enthusiasts with a background in running successful websites.