Top 5 Best Wireless Earbuds of 2023

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

You don’t have to shell out hundreds of pounds to put quality earbuds in your arsenal. 

I like to think I’m fairly easy on my electronics. But when it comes to reviews, there’s a certain perverse pleasure in seeing just how much abuse a piece of gear can take. Especially cheaper items, which can be pushed to the limits without sweating your wallet.

And speaking of sweat and punishment, perhaps no tool in my kit has a more thankless job than my earbuds.

Rather than suffering in silence, I expect my Bluetooth earbuds to constantly perform on command. Whether it’s phone calls and voice chats for work, a session on the bicycle, or a trip to the gym, I rely on these little marvels to keep the world out and my sanity in.

And with so many options available, I could think of no better way to honor these lifesavers than with an old-fashioned budget battle.

I tested 2023’s most popular earbuds comparing the big brands to the smaller companies to see which ones really work best.

Our testing revealed that paying for expensive big brand headphones can often be a waste of money. To our surprise, our test winner was actually from a small company that managed to beat the big brands in sound quality, ease of use, design, battery life and price for value.

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Are BeatBuds X1 Truly the Best Wireless Earbuds or Just Another Dud?

BeatBuds X1 are one of the most talked-about wireless earbuds on social media right now, which explains why it’s become so difficult to find in stock.

If everyone’s talking about it, you know we have to test it out. We were lucky enough to score a few of them from their official store for the purpose of this review.
Read on below to see how the BeatBuds X1 performed.

BeatBuds X1 Just Sounds Better Thank Its Competitors

Studio-quality audio. Smart noise canceling. Lightning charging. 18 hours of playtime.

BeatBuds X1 are currently the highest-rated wireless earbuds on the market.

We tested the BeatBuds X1 against several popular wireless earbuds including Airpods, Beats Studio Buds, JBL Tune, Bose Sport, and Skullcandy Indy Evo. While they were good in their own ways, their prices are quite a bit higher than the BeatBuds X1. 

The biggest price offender was Apple’s AirPods, which will cost you £168. We had heard that they were overpriced for what they were and, once we tested them, that theory was confirmed. They’re not inherently bad earbuds, but there is simply no way they should cost as much as they do. 

The Bose Sport performed a bit stronger in the lows, but was actually too bass-heavy and not as balanced overall as the BeatBuds X1, even though its pricing tops our list at a whopping £168! 

The cheapest pair of earbuds we found that measured up to the BeatBuds X1’s’ performance was the Anker at £89 (twice the asking price of the BeatBuds X1!). However, we found that the Anker Soundcore were a poor fit in the ear canal for most reviewers who tried them.
Many of the big brands mark up the price of their products based on their name alone – they’re not selling you premium features or superior components, they’re selling you the prestige of their brand. Paying more doesn’t always get you more.
On the flip side, however, we also tested a few of the cheaper, sub-£100 true wireless earbuds. We are sad to report that we found none of them really worth mentioning as we found major compromises when it came to fit and sound quality.
BeatBuds X1 seems to have found the perfect mix between value & quality.


I buy most of the earphones myself; sometimes, a manufacturer sends them to me. I review all audio products on a level playing field, always stating their strengths and their downsides. 

Consider buying a pair of earphones in this list? I’d really appreciate it if you use the links in this article. It won’t cost you extra, yet it will financially support me a bit in my ongoing quest to test great affordable audio.

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