Top 5 Best Laser Combs That Actually Work

Updated: Oct 5th, 2022

With everyone’s busy routines, no one has time to commit to proper hair care anymore. Gone are the days when we’d have time to put in hair masks and try Pinterest remedies for healthy hair. That, combined with the decline in our food quality has resulted in our hair health suffering terribly as we age.

The food we eat and the products we use are so processed and chemical-laden, they do nothing to protect our hair from damage, and they are far from nourishing it. Our hair is exposed to damage in several ways. The heat styling tools and their excessive use, plus chemicals in our water, air conditioning, and the toxins in our environment- all lead to hair damage in some way or the other.

While we can do little to avoid these damaging factors, we can do more to nourish our hair and help reverse the damage. Enter hair growth brushes! These brushes are said to stimulate hair follicles and reverse hair damage to promote healthy hair growth.

Here are some of my favorites:

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Why Is The Vita Hair Electric Laser Brush Our Top Choice?

When it comes to treating already damaged hair, you need something that will not only help regrow hair but also won’t cause any further damage to the hair. The Vita Hair Electric Laser brush performs well on both fronts.

Its anti-DHT and pro-ATP technology help overcome hair loss while the soft and flexible brush bristles prevent any further damage to the hair.

Key Features Of The Vita Hair Laser Brush

  • FDA approved
  • Backed by clinical research that has shown a decrease in hair loss in up to 39% of the subjects
  • No proven side effects
  • Penetrates into the follicle to prevent DHT function
  • Boosts ATP that helps maintain the growth phase of the hair cycle
  • Battery operated
  • Simple button controls

What Makes It So Special?

Here are some reasons why this particular Vita Hair Laser Brush stands out amongst all others:

Uses Medical Grade Laser Technology

Think of your hair as tiny plants, they need nutrients and light to thrive. The red laser technology used by the vita hairbrush works in a similar way. It delivers a safe, low-level laser directly to your scalp, within your hair follicles.

When this light is absorbed by the hair follicles, it stimulates blood flow, encouraging growth and revitalizing dead tissue.

Can Be Used By All Hair Types

The downside with most other types of laser brushes is that they are specially designed for straight hair and can not be used by people with textured hair, especially African-American hair. The vita hair laser does not have this problem! It can be used by people of all hair types since its bristles are built to gently detangle the hair without much pull. 

Can Be Used With Hair Promoting Serums

To double the positive effects of the brush, you can also try using it with a hair-promoting serum or oil. Simply apply some oil/serum to your scalp and then proceed to use the brush as you normally would.

This will help deliver the product deep within the scalp, increasing its hydrating and nourishing properties.

No Harmful Side Effects

Despite extensive clinical trials, there have been no reported side effects or harm caused by the use of the Vita Hair Laser Brush


Laser hair therapies at the salon cost a fortune! Not to mention the cost of transportation and services. Investing in your own Vita Hair Laser Brush cuts down that cost, helping you save a tonne of money.

The device itself costs about $166.95. And currently they are having a limited time promo for $99 only. Plus you save more if you buy more than one!


Using laser technology for hair growth is a revolutionary step towards improving hair health and reversing hair damage due to age or disease. The vita hair laser brush uses the technology exceptionally well. 

The brush is well made, with its leightweight design and detangling bristles, it’s sure to be a prized possession for all your hair care needs.

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