Top 5 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under £100

Updated: Oct 27th, 2021

I am not very picky when it comes to audio devices, especially headphones and earbuds. They should be comfortable, have good clarity, and come with a battery that lasts long. That’s it.

But for your benefit, I have considered some factors in compiling this list:

  • Design

The look and overall feel of the product, as well as its style and color. Some of the best earbuds out there have a poor and unattractive design, and that’s a turn off for me.

  • Price

Are the earbuds budget-friendly? Can I find cheaper alternatives?

  • Feature

Does it come with features like Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), Bluetooth, and touch controls? Do these features make a difference? 

  • Working Mechanism

  • Customer Reviews

  • Warranty and Customer Care Service

You may notice that I didn’t use brand as a criterion. I personally like to check each product for its efficacy, and brand names don’t matter as such. 

Just a year ago, functional and reliable cheap true wireless earbuds would have been an oxymoron, but now they’re being released in droves. You no longer have to shell out $100-plus for solid truly wireless earbuds, instead, save your money and enjoy the latest and greatest audio technology has to offer. Here are the best true wireless earbuds under $100.

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Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus




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Apple Airpods Pro



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If you’re looking for a inexpensive bluetooth earbuds alternative to the more expensive options on our list, then these BLXBuds and BeatBuds Pro bluetooth noise cancelling earbuds are perfect.

They’re great when you want to use them for running or working out, but not so much if you’re looking for something to work well with classical music.

No matter what your needs are I’m sure you’ll find a great pair that fits your lifestyle. Good luck and enjoy your new high-quality noise cancelling wireless earbuds!


I buy most of the earphones myself; sometimes, a manufacturer sends them to me. I review all audio products on a level playing field, always stating their strengths and their downsides. Visit the leaderboard of true wireless earphones for all my reviews and ratings.

Consider buying a pair of earphones in this list? I’d really appreciate it if you use the links in this article. It won’t cost you extra, yet it will financially support me a bit in my ongoing quest to test great affordable audio.

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